Why us

Leexo Creative Design Studio

We are operating in a location where competition is at the upper hand. To reach the top you have to beat up your competitors and doing so you can come up with a better reputation but not a desirable image in the view of clients because IT is a world of doing not making. Leexo is a place where things are done in the way we think.


We try our best to satisfy our clients in all the possible ways because client satisfaction is all what we want. We make things happen by our qualified professionals and by providing you effective and competitive solutions, so that you can expand your online business. We offer a wide range of services related to planning, creation and promotion. We have experience in all types of websites whether it’s a simple one or a complex one.

Why co-operate with us?

  • Experience in IT outsourcing
  • Middle East, Europe, US base
  • 24 hours Online Service
  • Cultural alignment to worl business
  • We can meet you over 40 cities
  • We can translate most of languages
  • 11+ years in Design
  • 100+ highly skilled workers
  • 700+ implementations