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Dedicated applications

Most of the type of softwares are already available in the market of IT, so it isn't a bit hard to get the work done if a customer comes to design a software from you being used on daily basis but sometimes the case is just the opposite of it. Sometimes a company needs to design a software of a different methodology that isn't ever made than the system we design is called a Dedicated System, made to meet your companies needs.


The design and implementation of dedicated applications consist of three main stages:


  • Needs analysis
    In order to design a desired project the needs of the customer are analysed and put into consideration. Then a team of professionals is brought in for the project. This team try's its best to figure out the what the customer really wants. They are responsible for preparation of an effective yet functional application by keeping in mind the customers need.
  • Developing a functional design
    This step involves conversion of ideas obtained from meetings with customer into a functional design by the team of experts called the implementation team. The functional design is a type of a rough draft that has all the detailed description and information related to the application that has to be made in the final form of the system.
  • Implementation, testing, launching
    The last and the most important stage is the implementation of the design to make a real software out of it. Once whole of the design and the ideas are implemented than the software is passed through a series of test where it is tested in all possible ways to reduce any type of a fatal risk. Once it is approved by the team and the customer, finally it is launched.


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