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Mobile applications

Mobile applications are type of softwares that run on smart phones, tablets or other mobile devices developed for ease in productivity, information retrieval, and internet services as we can't carry our PC's and laptops everywhere because they aren't that small to come in our pockets.

Advantages of mobile applications:

  • Access to internet anytime and anywhere
  • More than 90% of world's populations purchases products through cellphones
  • Social networking
  • More faster and effective

We all live in a society that we can give a name no patience. PC's always take some time to load anything whether it's been taken during the boot process or run time of applications as compared to mobile devices because our smartphones are always switched on, so we can cut that boot time from them and remains the applications, they're always faster and reliable.

Mobile applications can be divided into three main groups:

  • Offline applications: It is clear by the name offline that such type of applications do not require an access to internet to run or perform a specific task. These include calendars, memos, and others.
  • Client applications: Such type of applications require an access to internet for transfer of certain data. These type of applications include email apps, browsers and web storage apps.
  • Web Applications: These type of applications are specially designed for mobile devices for an optimised web page view on smaller screens e.g intranet, B2B system, commerce.

Distribution of Mobile Solutions

We make different type of mobile applications depending on the needs of the customer. Along with it we always give a right information about the strategies we use for its promotion and development that's the reason why we are able to advice you the adequate model for its distribution.

We support the following mobile applications distribution centres:

  • App Store
  • Android Market

We can always guarantee you of our applications because we know how we have made it. We design applications keeping in mind the platform we're making it for. Once the application is finished we provide full assistance in obtaining the required certificates. Moreover, we keep a check on our made applications by obtaining suggestions on improvement in order to make it more better and efficient.


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